Estes Valley Crisis Advocates provides an array of free and confidential services to survivors of crime and trauma. We have services available 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


If you need help, please reach out!   (970) 577-9781

24/7 Crisis Line

If you or someone you know is a survivor of a crime, traumatic event or abuse, please contact us for help. A highly trained team of crisis advocates are available to help.


EVCA Crisis Advocates are professionals and volunteers trained to support victims of crime or trauma. Advocates offer victims information on their rights and compensation, provide person-centered emotional support, and help to find resources through contacting organizations, such as criminal justice or social service agencies, to get help or further information for victims. They can also help ensure safety by creating a  personal safety plan and securing a safe place to stay. Advocates understand what it is like to be a survivor of crime or trauma and provide gentle and caring emotional support.


Estes Valley Crisis Advocates follows a trauma informed care person centered advocacy model. We provide individual crisis counseling to assist survivors as they work through a variety of concerns such as; grief, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, coping mechanisms, and understanding the effects trauma has on the individual, family, friends, and community. Our crisis counselors address these psychological needs and assist them on their journey. In addition, trained EVCA Advocates host support groups once a week and as needed for survivors of crime and trauma.


My Sister’s Place is a 3-bedroom facility and program focusing on non-violent living that provides safety in a confidential location. This Domestic Violence Shelter is equipped with three private bedrooms, a playroom, a kitchen, laundry room and large common area. If you are in need of safe shelter, call our office at (970) 577-9781. After office hours call the Estes Park Police Department Dispatch Center at (970) 586-4000 and ask for an Advocate.


Estes Valley Crisis Advocates focuses on diversity outreach to provide services to not only the Spanish speaking population, but to ensure services meet the needs of the ever changing diverse and under served populations of the Estes Valley. Clients include backgrounds of LGBTQIA+, Latino, English as a second language, immigrants, J1 Visa Students, the elderly, and differently-abled persons. Being a survivor of a crime and not having a safe space that supports your unique diverse challenges can be very frightening. We partner with local bilingual speakers to work with Spanish-speaking clients. EVCA  prides itself on being a diverse, inclusive, accepting, welcoming, and safe space for everyone.


While we spend most of our efforts aiding the recovery of survivors who have experienced abuse or trauma, we are just as committed to preventing it altogether. In fact, our hope is that someday there will no longer be a need for our services. We continually host community support groups; Including a weekly Women's Support Group and a Healing Through Writing trauma support group. We’ve explored our connections within the Estes Park School District, Eagle Rock School, the Estes Park Police Department, Larimer County Sheriffs Office, and other social service agencies within the Estes Valley. If you’re interested in learning more about EVCA and our services, we can provide you with a staff outreach contact to present to community organizations and private foundations throughout the Estes Valley. 


EVCA Volunteer Crisis Advocates are trained with 40+ hours of online training with the OVC-TTAC program, and supplementary in-person trainings. EVCA Crisis Advocates attend a once monthly advocates meeting/training.  Additionally, EVCA hosts regular trainings, bringing outside trainers from various agencies to our Estes Park to ensure Staff and Volunteers remain up to date on best practices. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with EVCA, please click here.