My Sister's Place

The Mission of Estes Valley Crisis Advocates safehouse “My Sister’s Place” is to keep adult and child survivors safe from domestic violence and reduce the effects of family violence.

The EVCA's My Sister’s Place is a place where individuals and their children can find refuge from domestic violence.  My Sister’s Place is located at a confidential location, and all services are free.  Survivors and their children can stay for up to six weeks. 

Residents have access to trained Crisis Advocates, as well as referrals, assistance in finding housing, employment, legal aid, TANF, mental health referrals, medical referrals, food, transportation, and any other support we are capable of providing and advocating for. 

My Sister’s Place is a sunny, pleasant space with private bedrooms and a total of 9 beds, a children's playroom, a kitchen, and  common space.  Survivors and children can heal and plan for a safe, nonviolent future.